Oh my! My very first blog post!

I thought that in this first one I would like to answer to the questions what, when, were and why. And what is the purpose of these posts?

We should start with why, so why I do what I do. Mainly, my job is to coach people at the gym and help them to take care of their own wellbeing. And the reason why I do what I do is that I just want to help people to feel good in their body and to teach people to take care of them. The biggest job motivator for me is when my clients succeed; e.g. when someone manage to do his/her very first full squat without pain in the knee or when someone who has suffered from headache for a while wakes up and doesn’t have the pain anymore. Those are my reasons. My mission is to get exercise and wellbeing as part of people’s daily life. And in that way, I feel that I can make the world a better place.

I couldn’t think of me doing anything else. Even if win a million in a lottery I would continue my work – even as a hobby. 😊

When I manage to help someone, with my knowledge the biggest reward is when I get to share that happiness. I think that when it comes to people’s lives, it’s all about the little things. Those little things are like pieces in a puzzle, they bring you joy on your way to your bigger goals. And everybody needs goals in their life. But how can you then keep the fire burning? Just simple break that goal into pieces and start to put those pieces together. Every piece will be a step closer to achieving the goals, the dreams.

In this blog, I would like to share my thoughts with you about training, health and life in general. Hopefully, you get new perspective or maybe just reminders of things you already knew. If you get even some kind of help from here, I have succeeded in my job.

Few heads-ups for you readers:

  • I apologize already my bad humor. Don’t mean to offence anyone with my posts!
  • My thoughts might not always come out very clear so try to keep up. I promise to do my best to make my point as clearly as possible!
  • My grammar is not the best but hopefully you still understand the big picture.

So, these posts will be published here on my website (www.sportalito.com) where you can read them about once a month. I will mostly write in Finnish but I promise to write in English now and then. I will also introduce you the term WOD from CrossFit world which means “workout of the day”, i.e. I will give you workout tips.

If you have topics in your mind from which you would like to read more please let me know! Also, all kinds of improvement ideas are warmly welcome!

So here we go! Stay tuned!

Welcome to the journey with me towards healthier tomorrow!



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